July 3, 2016
What is way of joining our Home Delivery Service? Are there fees to this service?

Any restaurant or institution may apply an application to join this service by sending a subscription application via the Marketing Division (mar@h-delivery.com). Your application will be considered and our reply will be sent as soon as possible. Our Home Delivery depends upon basic contracting conditions which is a service subscription fees to the rate of sales that will be dropped through our services or annual amount agreed on based on the name of restaurant, its location, number of branches, items prices existing in the menu to give the chance completely for who desire to join our services. Against this, the subscriber may obtain the pages of food lists in the Home Delivery Directory plus enrolling the restaurant’s or the institution’s name in the electronic services, and all advertising means followed by us during the subscription term.

How the subscribing restaurant with Home Delivery ensure payment the value of orders and purchases?

The driver of Home Delivery will pay the value of the order in full upon receiving it from the restaurant. For easy dealing, Home Delivery depends on accurate accounting system to ensure the subscribers’ rights contracting in this service.

How much time does the driver need to reach the order?

The Home delivery driver is ready to serve you whereas to hand over one order each time provided the reaching time will be 45 mint or less ( taking into consideration the customer’s location). There is a special division to follow him continue via modern communication systems ( Bravo) or via satellites ( GPS), so that no delay chance or wasting time to hand over to the customers completely as soon as possible.

Is there a minimum to our orders from Home Delivery?

No minimum to the order in Home Delivery even you may order with one Riyal.

How can I ensure that Home Delivery will increase my sales?

The standard method of keeping the food which we explained previously will avail a new customer to your restaurant or institution throughout Home Delivery. The availability of the name of restaurant or institution in the Home Delivery Directory, which contains the most and the largest restaurants in the province. We distribute this directory during the year at the rate of 300.000 versions plus our electronic services that avail all services to the customer and all advertising items.

How can I ensure reaching the foods and drinks in proper way with Home Delivery Service?

The vehicles fleet is prepared to such service. It is equipped to keep hot foods and ensure its reaching at excellent temperature as well as the cold drinks where the cups are fabricated to keep them of damage and pouring.