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9 2001 2014
Delivery From Pharmacies

We will Deliver Your Needs Without Effort

9 2001 2014
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You Can Reach Your Daily Needs From Home

9 2001 2014
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We will deliver your needs without efforts

9 2001 2014

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9 2001 2014

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Ammer Tedalal all your orders by one call

Home Delivery

Home Delivery is a name connected with the concept of saving time and effort. Home Delivery aims to make the daily life easy, and minimize the waiting at signals and traffics – selecting a gift to a person of concern to you and other daily requirements to be easy service, comprehensive and completing with high quality. We have established Home Delivery and looking for our customer’s rest and provide the best of our delivery services and marketing in several services such as restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and daily requirements while you are at your home or office. Yearly, We will be print 300 thousands copies of Home Delivery Directory which will be distributed in all Eastern Province Cites to ensure reaching to a biggest number of customers in addition to the service that are given through our website ( h-delivery.com ) and our mobile app which give you the chance to see the list of restaurants. Home Delivery owns a fleet of vehicles equipped with high quality equipment to deliver the hot and cold meals as well as your daily needs through a high trained drivers where your orders reach to become our services a leading and distinguished at the level of Eastern Province.


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